mothers day

Super Mom Fitness Inspiration

Kudos to longtime Gourmet Detective actor and supermom, Liz Casey, whom you may have seen in the roles of Frances in “Get Cartier” or Marjorie in “Darling, You Slay Me!” 

Liz began her fitness journey 18 months ago in an effort to gain control of things she could control.  With the help of Riverside trainer, Karla Adams, she made some lifestyle changes.  At 44 years old, nutrition and exercise changes enabled her to lose 25 pounds and 10% body fat.  She is now preparing for a new onstage role : herself. It is rather daunting as she is accustomed to portraying other characters on stage.  She will be entering her first fitness competitions on Memorial Day weekend.  

Her three fabulous children (Zach, 20: Victoria, 17: Madeline, 14) bring her immeasurable joy.  "Mom" is her favorite job.  Being able to work in theatre while raising her children has helped to illustrate for them the joy of pursuing one's passion.  Creativity is a given.  Create your own life.  Her own mother's theatrical pursuits fed Liz’ acting education and endeavors.  A mother's love from one generation to the next cannot be underestimated.

Thanks to her mom and thanks to you Liz, for the inspiration!