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Cary Grant or Grace Kelly? Something for everyone.

Original Production: 2009
Awards: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, Talk of the Town

We’re in the French Riviera, 1962. Four former comrades-in-arms and their respective loved ones gather for a birthday bash. Unbeknownst to the guests (that’s you) the party’s a ruse. Underlying the reunion of old friends is a nefarious scheme, including: a priceless set of jewels, an insurance scam, blackmail, and one charming, if reluctant, hero.

Threatened with blackmail if they do not cooperate, the former army buddies are infuriated and panicked. Suddenly, Hank is taken ill. Frances is hysterical; Charity cold. Family tensions implode. Guests are relieved, suspicious and intrigued. Perhaps there is a way they can turn Hank’s threats and Frankie’s jewels to their own advantage? Tiptoed visits are made to the Ackerman suite. When the jewels turn up missing and Hank turns up dead it’s up to you to take the lead unraveling this tangled web of disaster…

Alyssa Canann and Tom Shelton

Alyssa Canann and Tom Shelton


Doug Bilitch

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