Noir Suspicions


Original Production: 1992
Awards: Best of Nightlife, OC Metro

The Continuing adventures of Rick Archer, P.I. and the "Cafe Noir." Rick, now the manager of Cafe Noir on the island of Mystique, finds himself confused by a corpse at the dock, a mysteriously quiet woman, a French blackmailer, and a nefarious businessman, all seeking control of the Cafe Noir, well with the exception of the corpse of course. And what of the new owner, femme fatale Sheila Wonderly? What is her new role in the mysteries that befall the Cafe? As for the audience on this night... well, Rick's accused of blackmailing and his only hope is that someone within the audience can piece together the clues to convince the magistrate of his innocence. Written in honor of the 50th anniversary of the production of the original Bogart classic, Casablanca, the script not only challenges the audience to guess whodunit and why, but also how many references there are to the classic movie.

Good luck.

David Landau

David Landau and Nikki Stern

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