Stay Tuned for Murder


A show within a show

Original Production: 2002
Awards: Top Ten Restaurants, OC Magazine

It’s Hollywood, 1940, and radio is king. Tonight, join the in-studio audience of “The Buck Tinney Radio Hour” for an evening of glittery, glamorous, outspoken fun. But why is the cast and crew so edgy tonight? Is Buck Tinney the host-with-the most? Or the man we love to hate? Why would Hollywood’s funniest and finest kill (perhaps literally) for a spot on his show? Who is the mystery guest and what does the sponsor really expect from tonight’s show?

Tension is high, tempers are short, and only your wit and sleuthing abilities stand between delight and disaster. Will it be the regularly scheduled program of music, comedy and fun or a new and terrifying format for … murder? Stay tuned.

Alyssa Canann and Tom Shelton

Dave Casper

Alyssa Canann and Tom Shelton

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