the voice by HAYES SPENCER

Published: September 16, 2013

Imagine yourself enjoying a French cuisine on a typical friday night… When all of the sudden, you realize a murderer is amongst us. Check out the Gourmet Detective, a murder mystery dinner show located in Newport Beach and Riverside.

Shows play every Friday and Saturday evening, with different crimes popping up weekly.  This award winning comedy makes murder fun and also engages the audience. It’s a one of a kind experience that will capture your imagination. From the moment you arrive, you enter the world in which the murder takes place.  You will find yourself involved with a cast that brings the performance to life.

The show I attended was set in the French Riviera in 1962.  The four former comrades and their loved ones are gathered for a birthday bash.  Unbeknownst to guests, scandals are arising: a missing set of jewels, an insurance scam, and a blackmail scheme are just some of the mysteries that  you will become a part of.  During your excellent dining experience, the plot will thicken as you find yourself on the edge of your seat waiting with angst.  Anyone could be guilty and it’s up to you to solve the mystery.

The cast, which has performed over 3,500 shows, will also be the ones serving you throughout the evening.   Even the food will “wow” you, it has received rave reviews from customers and critics.  The official website states, “The gourmet detective is the Most Award Winning Mystery Dinner Theater in Southern California.” Other reviews include, “Raves… Best Dinner Theater” from Orange Coast Magazine for their debut production way back in 1990, as well as, “Best Mystery Dinner Theater” in 2003 from Sunset Magazine.  These are only a few of the great reviews that The Gourmet Detective has received by acclaimed Orange County publications.

Should you be worried about your food since there is a murderer amongst you? Have no fear, they’ve already picked out their victim and it’s not you.  Get ready to become your own detective, starving and ready to devour a scrumptious three-course meal as well as the mystery at hand.

It was a fun, family oriented environment and I got a good laugh.  The French inspired cuisine was not only delicious but appropriate for the time frame as well.  Are you celebrating a special occasion or trying to do something out of the ordinary? Do you feel the urge to solve a murder mystery and want to enjoy good food while you piece together the clues to catch the murderer?  The Gourmet Detective is a perfect evening for you and your family.   If you’re wondering who is the murderer…that’s a secret I’ll never tell.

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